Maybe you have the bones of an idea… a chapter lying hidden in a dark drawer or at the back of your mind.

You’re determined to take it out and complete it, write an amazing ending, and get your story published and into the world where it belongs.

But instead, you’re stuck, frustrated by writers’ block or lack of ideas; unsure of how or where to start; struggling for time and motivation.

Join the next cohort of my Kickstart Your Novel Programme and I will take you by the hand through 24 units over 12 weeks to get your writing career off to a flying start!

I’ll show you the ropes from idea to edit, plotting to publication.

You’ll have access to regular tutorials and videos… PDF worksheets… a private online community… motivation and accountability… weekly group Q&A calls… weekly virtual writing retreats… live videos answering YOUR questions throughout the course… LIFETIME access to all tutorials, lessons and worksheets… and optional ongoing membership of the alumni group to support you all the way through your writing project and beyond.

Learn character building, story arcs, structure, plotting… Find ideas, motivation, inspiration and accountability. Kickstart YOUR novel and gain the confidence to send it out into the world.


From June 2022, the contents of the 12-week course are going to be included in our new MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP.


Contact Rachel at

or bookmark this page and watch this space!

What's Included?

Access to over 20 instructional and motivational video tutorials over the course of the programme

PDF worksheets and exercises to stimulate ideas and keep you writing

Weekly online group Zoom calls – join me live for training and Q&A sessions or watch on replay at any time

Access to the programme’s private Facebook group – share ideas and motivation with other participants

Regular writing prompts, encouragement and live videos on the Facebook group

Accountability and motivation all the way from idea to editing

Help and advice to submit your finished novel to agents or self-publish your book

Lifetime access to the tutorial videos and optional ongoing membership to the Alumni Group

Don’t forget to join in the weekly Sunday group Zoom call – bring a cuppa and join Rachel at 10am for writing chat, Q&A and problem busting, then check in to the virtual full-day writing retreat for fun, writing, targets, motivation, and general butt-kicking!

Want all this for just £20 a month?

Bookmark this page and watch this space!

About Rachel

Rachel J Carter has written novels for children, teens and young adults, as well as short stories in the gothic and horror genres.

Her first novel, Dragonflu, was a ‘You Write On’ Book of the Year Award Winner 2012. Her next novel was bought and published by a national literacy group, and she currently has a series of three novels with her agent seeking a publisher.

Rachel has an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and a Master’s in Creative Writing. She is also a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, and uses these within her motivational programmes.

Rachel started her online programmes with the free Kickstart Your Fiction workbook, then offered a Six Day Short Story course, and is currently dedicating her time to running the ‘Kickstart Your Novel’ 12-Week Programme.

She lives in Bristol, UK with a selection of pet dragons and unicorns which other people insist they can’t see.

This programme is for you if…

  • You know you have a fiction book inside you and you want – need! – to get it written
  • You want to be part of a like-minded community of writers on the same journey as you
  • You’re ready and willing to put in the work it takes to get those words on the page
  • You want to learn from an experienced and qualified writer
  • You are a friendly, positive person that gets on with others in the group!

This programme is not for you if…

  • You’re hoping for a quick, easy fix – no one is going to write your book for you
  • You’re not prepared to give back in the community – it’s all about helping and encouraging each other
  • You want me to edit or critique your writing – please contact me and ask about my 6 month one-to-one programme for this or join the community for editor/critique group recommendations

Feedback from past students...

“The course was fun and easy to follow and Rachel was really supportive throughout. Being part of a community with similar goals and problems helped me get over the blank page problem and finish my project in record time.” – G.J.

“I was a bit worried about taking the course and joining the Facebook group as I’m not very good with computers, but Rachel walked me through it step by step and it was actually very easy. Now I have two short stories published in magazines!” – M.T.

“I started with the Kickstart Your Writing workbook and now I’m hooked. I’m halfway through writing the first draft of my book and I honestly don’t think I could have got this far without Rachel’s encouragement and motivation.” – P.H.

Week One

Find your ‘why’: The mental shifts productive authors know and use to write and enjoy it.

Ideas & Inspiration: The road sign that led to a dragon pandemic – you’ll be surprised where ideas can come from!

Put pen to paper or fingers to keys and start the writing process from day one!

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am to 4pm

Week Two

Permission to write: Finding time amidst a busy lockdown world of children, work and other distractions.

More time means more writing – let’s get that plotting underway and look at some fantastic first lines.

The beginning: How to avoid dropping a big old load of exposition all over the first pages.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am to 4pm


Week Three

Banishing the B word: Beating writer’s block using SMART goals.

Building characters: Super fun exercises to find your characters’ true desires – and how to stop them from achieving them.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am to 4pm

Week Four

Imposter syndrome: How to overcome self-limiting beliefs about your writing abilities.

Viewpoints… first person, third person, omniscient – which is right for you?

Past, present, future – it’s all very tense.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am – 4pm.


Week Five

Go faster: Step up the writing speeds this week and refine your goals with the words per hour tracker.

What’s in the locked box? Questions to keep your readers turning the pages.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am to 4pm

Week Six

Research: From lying on the ground in St James’ Park to a tour of the Churchill War Rooms.

He said, she said: Effective use of dialogue including formatting and tags and the controversial topic of adverbs.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am – 4pm.


Week Seven

Motivation: Congratulate your future self.

Scuppering the hero’s journey: How to build tension by ruining your protagonist’s life.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am – 4pm.

Week Eight

Q&A Week – your questions discussed and answered.

Places, people, names, technology, music… how to set your novel in a specific time and place – or how to keep it timeless.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am – 4pm.

Week Nine

Shiny New Syndrome and how to get past it.

How to avoid a saggy middle – keeping the pace without losing the plot.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am – 4pm.

Week Ten

Throwing obstacles: sticks and stones or broken bones, keep giving your protagonist a hard time till (nearly) the end.

The denouement: Drawing the strands of the plot together for a kicking close.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual writing retreat 11am – 4pm.


Week Eleven

The edit begins: Editing your first draft doesn’t have to be painful.

Daily motivational butt-kicks to get you to your goals.

Sunday Zoom Call 10am.

Sunday virtual editing retreat 11am – 4pm.

Week Twelve

Submitting to agents: cover letter writing and synopsis writing PLUS a how-to of self-publishing.

Sunday Zoom Call with wrap-up and celebrations! 10am-11.30am.


Not sure whether the programme’s for you? Want to have an informal, no obligation chat about it? Great! I’d love to hear more about you and your writing, and to answer any questions you have about the programme.

Email me at for an informal chat about your project. 

I look forward to hearing from you!